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Streamline Safety Data, Protect Your Workplace Ensuring the safety of your workplace and complying with ISO certification requirements is a top priority. Therefore, easy access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), or Product Safety Data Sheets (PSDS) is essential for achieving and maintaining ISO [...]

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Quality Costs

Gain Insight into Your Company’s Costs of Poor Quality Understanding the financial implications of poor quality is crucial for any business striving for excellence. It's often challenging to get a complete picture of the costs associated with errors, defects, deviations, and corrective actions. With Wismatix QMS, we simplify [...]

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Employee Administration

Efficiently Manage Employee Information The Employee Administration module simplifies the process of entering and managing employee information, including qualifications, locations, departments, roles, and more. It's your comprehensive tool for effective employee management. Effortless Employee Record Creation: Easily create employee records with detailed information, including addresses, primary and [...]

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Role administration

Define and Manage Company Roles Effectively The Role Administration module empowers you to define your employees' roles, responsibilities, and affiliations within your company. This essential tool ensures clarity and efficiency in role management. Effortless Role Creation: Easily create roles and define their associated responsibilities. Detailed Role Descriptions: [...]

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Qualification Management

Streamline Qualification Requirements The Qualification Management module allows you to establish fundamental qualifications required for your company and employees. This overview helps you understand the qualifications needed and how they relate to roles and employees. Effortless Qualification Creation: Easily create qualifications in various forms, including courses, education, [...]

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SWOT Overview

Analyze Your Company's Position with SWOT Analysis The SWOT Overview module facilitates the preparation of a SWOT analysis for your company. This analysis helps identify your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within a broader context. It provides valuable insights for adapting your company's strategy and tactics to [...]

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Organization Management

Gain Insights into Your Organization's Resources The Organization Management module provides an insightful overview of your organization based on employee affiliations with departments, roles, and positions. It helps identify strengths and areas where responsibilities and resources may need adjustment. Automated Organizational Overview: Automatically generate a color-coded organizational [...]

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Company Administration

Effortlessly Configure Your Company's Master Data The Company Administration module simplifies the setup and management of your company's master data within Wismatix QMS. From basic company information to branch registration and employee management, this module offers a comprehensive solution. Effortless Business Setup: Configure your business by inputting [...]

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Process Management

Gain Control over Processes, Environmental Aspects, and Risks The Process Management module offers a comprehensive overview of your company's processes, associated activities, environmental aspects, and risks. It's your tool for ensuring efficient operations while considering environmental factors and risk mitigation. Effortless Process Creation: Easily create processes and [...]

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Documentation Management

Simplify Document Management for Efficiency Managing documents becomes effortless with Wismatix QMS. This module centralizes all your documentation, whether you upload existing files, create new documents within the system, or import drawings. You can assign roles such as authors and editors during the document revision process, ensuring accuracy. [...]

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