Built to be fast, reliable, easy to use, and secure

We know that for a system to be used it needs to be accessible! You don’t want to wait for pages to load or searches to finish. You want to be able to add a record or get the information you need quickly and easily, whenever and wherever! Wismatix QMS lets you do just that. Based on many years of experience in auditing and implementing Quality Management Systems, we built Wismatix QMS for excellence regarding speed and reliability.

“It’s in the cloud!” is a phrase you don’t want to rely on regarding your business-critical information. Wismatix was built to be a “ONE system for ONE customer” solution.  Your security is a priority! By choosing Wismatix QMS, you will have a dedicated system with servers that are in strategic locations that offer the highest security.

When you choose to run your QMS with Wismatix, we will do whatever we can to provide you with world-class performance and security.

You will get:

  • The best high-speed solution within the field
  • Accessible in your favorite internet browser
  • Use on any device
  • Running on Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, or Android
  • ONE system for ONE Customer
  • Known and carefully selected data location
  • Hosting
  • Backup and recovery plans
  • Updates
  • Support by phone and email
  • Tracking of login attempts, access, adds, updates, and deletions

Your peace of mind

Wismatix puts customer service above the rest. Not only will you have full support during the use of your online quality management system, but in the event, you no longer require the use of our system, we vow to send your data to you to upload on your own server for your use.

Get a 4-week free demo account

Wismatix QMS is an online quality management system (eQMS) available on your favorite platform through your preferred web browser. The system is fast and easy to use on a daily basis, and you get access to a very efficient analytical tool that helps you get the most out of your registration and improvement efforts.

Wismatix QMS contains all the features you need to run your management system as efficiently as possible.

The system supports multiple standards within quality management, environment management, food safety, IT security, and medical devices, e.g.:

  • Quality management standards and regulations – ISO 9001, ISO 13485, MDSAP hereunder FDA 21 CFR Part 820
  • Environmental management standards – ISO 14001, ISO 45001
  • IT security management standards ISO 27001, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11

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With a free demo account, you can get your own hands-on experience in our sandbox environment for a whole 4-week period.

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