The efficient quality management system

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You record everything in one and the same program with Wismatix QMS. You can access Wismatix QMS anytime, everywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s easy to use, giving you a good overview of your quality management system, and by using efficient and graphical statistics, you can pinpoint the weaknesses of your business. In this way, you efficiently improve your company processes, reduce errors, reduce waste and thus reduce company costs. This, in the end, means that customer satisfaction is strengthened, employee satisfaction increases, and the company becomes more profitable.

Increased demands on businesses

A high-quality level is something most companies strive for. There are constantly increasing demands from both customers and authorities. Complying with all these requirements can be a complex and time-consuming job.

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You can build your quality management system in several ways

One way to build your quality management system could be to create a hard copy quality management manual that contains information about your quality management system, such as processes, instructions, forms, etc. Another method is to create your quality management system on your computer using files for process documentation, instructions, word forms, etc.

Physical quality manuals – the Folder method

The folder method is a rarely seen method of handling the company’s quality management system. The method provides time-consuming and costly challenges, such as providing all employees access to the system, being restricted to having a physical folder available, and a lot of work about updating all folders and ensuring everyone is using the correct versions, etc.

Files on the computer – the File method

The file method is widely used to handle the company’s quality management system.

The method is regularly updated with cloud-based file drives such as Dropbox, One-drive, etc. These systems can ensure good access but still require much maintenance work. In addition, they may be challenging to use in practice for the employee, especially in connection with registrations. It takes too much time to find the correct file or form and then fill it out and send it to the person in charge or save it to a specific location. This results in registrations that are not made unless it’s a severe deviation, error, or similar.

The problem of not getting all the registrations is comparable to just posting large bills in the financial system. As a result, the system does not provide a true and fair view of how efficient your company’s quality management system is. Another great task is to extract useful statistics from your file-based quality management system, partly because the data is incomplete and because you have to crawl all your registrations manually.

Data analysis allows for effective improvements.

Analyzing data from your management system is alpha and omega in the pursuit of improvements which reflects on the bottom line!

An incomplete dataset coupled with a cumbersome analysis process is one of the main reasons why a QMS ends up as a drag instead of an effective management tool. Imagine how your company’s financial statements would look if not all posts and accounts were included! The result would not give a true picture of the company’s economy. The same goes for the company’s quality management system.

If not all customer complaints, supplier errors, product errors, etc., are entered, it is impossible to get a true and fair view of the company’s efficiency. You need to know exactly where to use your resources to get the best of the improvements you initiate. When you know this, you can eliminate your mistakes, improve your customers’ satisfaction and ultimately achieve greater job satisfaction for your employees and better earnings for the owners.

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